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Are you prepared to defend against an attacker?

In Ohio random attacks of violence are on the decline.  Why you may ask.  More citizens are choosing to arm themselves while in public.  Criminals are less willing to risk being injured for a few dollars.  Only law-abiding citizens can keep the number of random attacks of violence going down.  The way to do this is increasing the number of Ohio CHL permits issued.  The criminal is basically a coward.  They do not want to get hurt and with more permits mean the odds are greater the victim will be able to fight back.  Not all Ohio CHL permit holders carry a firearm all the time.  However the criminal does not know who can fight back.

The NRA has changed how the Pistol Shooting course is given.  The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is a blended training course, which means a portion of the course (Phase 1) is conducted in an on line environment, that can be completed on your own time. Upon successfully completing the on line exam, students will be required to register for the instructor-led training portion (Phase 2), which is to be conducted at your local range with an NRA Certified Instructor. You must successfully complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 in order to receive your NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course certificate. 

2A Training & Supply LLC is a company that gives the needed firearm safety training.  Our Ohio CHL Permit Course will give the basics in pistol safety and the basics in the Ohio conceal carry and lethal force laws.  We do not instruct the combat tactics.  We feel to kill is illegal for any reason.  The use of a firearm is lethal force, but should never be used as deadly force.  We give the students the knowledge needed to stop an attack with the least force necessary.  The Ohio law states that you may use a firearm to stop an attack, however is is illegal to kill.  Combat tactics are just that, Combat tactics and are taught to solders for use in war.  Any time you defend yourself it is always up to someone else to determine if you acted in self defense and if your actions are justified and of equal force.  The law states you may use only equal force to defend yourself.  The law also states you may use lethal force for defense against serious bodily injury or death; it does not give you the right to use deadly force (to kill).

2A Training & Supply LLC does not teach deadly force or combat tactics, both teaches one to kill.  We instructed our first student on 24th of September 2011.  Since opening the doors we have helped more than 80 people apply for their Ohio CHL Permits.  We are vary proud of every student and are confident that our students are competent and safe firearm owners and know that if ever needed, can stop an attacker without the need of deadly force.  2A Training & Supply is registered as a for-profit company, however our instructor insists that we reinvest any and all profits back into more advanced teaching methods and equipment.  As a company we do not pay anyone for their services.

2A Training & Supply LLC will give a course for as little as one student and no more than four students per course.  Most of our courses have been for just one student.  We do have a set course schedule in respect to number of classes and times of the classes, however we do not have set dates of classes.  We schedule our courses to meet the needs of the student.  We offer day or evening classes.   Please see our scheduling page for times and open dates. 

Please join the NRA and help protect your above rights.  The link to join the NRA will give you a discount of $10.00 for new or renewed memberships.


Always! be firearm safe. 330 696-2836

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